Osteopathy sessions for our employees

As part of our effort to improve employees’ well-being at work, we have set up a 2-year partnership between the company and the Rennes School of Osteopathy. This forms part of the prevention actions initiated by Triballat Noyal many years ago to improve working conditions for its employees, particularly those most exposed to musculoskeletal problems.
- On a site combining production and logistics activities, 6 students from the School of Osteopathy will attend for 8 days a year to offer group awareness sessions and individual osteopathy sessions. 124 people have already been through the “protecting your health through osteopathy” information module and 75 free individual osteopathy sessions have been completed out of the 105 scheduled by students working in pairs under the supervision of a professional osteopath from the Rennes School of Osteopathy.
- In addition, all Triballat employees can have consultations at the Rennes School of Osteopathy dispensed by 4th and 5th year students, supervised by graduate osteopaths, at a cost of 10€ a session.

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