Built on respectful human relations

For Triballat Noyal, respect in working relationships starts with a participative managerial policy based on sharing and called "New Energies". Access to training for our employees and combating discrimination in recruitment are priorities.

Triballat Noyal is also committed to an inclusive and transparent partnership with local suppliers.
Getting to know each other creates a bond of trust over time, firmly establishing that people are the company's greatest asset.

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Sébastien and Bernadette, sheep milk producers for Vrai - la Canourgue (48)

Working closely with our producers is essential

Our cow, goat and sheep milk producers are close to our workshops to encourage and maintain relationships.

Know each other well and talk freely :
What are the market opportunities? What are the medium term needs of the business?... A host of questions raised with mutual trust and transparency.

Working in close collaboration:

Every year we visit all our soya suppliers: together we audit compliance with the specifications in place, which includes quality and environmental protection.

2 of our technicians are fully dedicated to monitoring our dairy producers. Always available to listen to them, we offer specific support to those thinking about converting to organic farming: briefings, technical training days and the advisory technicians to help along the way.

Michel Priour’s farm (Picture credits: Gwenaël Saliou)

Regular meetings:
Our producers welcome our employees, our clients and our partners to visit their premises to find out about their practices and businesses.
They are familiar with Triballat Noyal too, they are regularly invited to our local briefings or workshop visits..

A partnership based on trusting relationships, transparency and sharing the same ecological values.

Le bonheur est dans le Vrai

photo by Gwénaêl Saliou

Focus on...

For a long time we've been committed to telling the story of Triballat Noyal and its organic producers: stories of families, women and men.
Which is why, armed with a camera, we travelled the length and breadth of France to meet them.
The book "le bonheur est dans le vrai" is neither a manual nor a retrospective: it's a living testimony of people in tune with nature, the very foundation of
our Vrai brand.
See our online version.

WITH OUR multiple internal professionals

Triballat Noyal is against all forms of discrimination in recruitment.

Everyone responsible for human resources and our subcontractors sign an ethical charter of non-discrimination. This benchmark charter allows the integration of new employees selected for their skills and values ​​they bring to the company.

Triballat Noyal encourages integration by working with various employment organisations in the area:

• We have long formed partnerships with integration organisations (CAP employment; local teams; schools; reintegration bodies; Rennes correctional centre) to contribute to a better return to work.

• An agreement was signed with the employment centre in 2012 to experiment with new methods of recruitment by simulating work situations without using CVs..

• Since 2010, training meetings are organized in partnership with ASCAPE 35, which helps with reintegration of managerial staff looking for work.

Marie Flore Paillardon, Manpower business officer, Vitré and Châteaubourg branches.


"Triballat noyal conducted an audit at the Châteaubourg Manpower agency in May 2013: they looked at our recruitment process and evaluation tools for temporary workers.

The goal was: better integration and reduced turnover.
Triballat noyal is well known as a company it's nice to work for, both in terms of the conditions and the nature of the tasks assigned."

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Participative management...

... is a type of management that tends to maximize staff collaboration. The participative management at Triballat Noyal since 1998, known as "Energies Nouvelles", means three things that we are passionate about:

  • providing everyone with the opportunity to express themselves;
  • working together (collectively) and in a friendly atmosphere;
  • developing a mindset of continuous improvement.

An approach that is consistent with our values ​​and our commitments: our aim is to make our company a place everyone can be their best...

The "Énergies Nouvelles" challenge

Focus on...

Every two years, the challenge rewards the best projects and the best teams! Success is shared: there is only one grand prize, but several medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze) for projects that have proven themselves.

A good project at Triballat Noyal is a project that brings results and also a project that has sparked involvement, exchange of opinions and collaboration for the teams.

The team that won the grand prize in 2012 was able to attend the Tour de France time trials as VIPs in Sojasun team cars!

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Close contact between the works council and the management can make employees' work/life balance easier: sports and well-being at work services have been made available to them.

Our employees are offered weekly yoga classes. They are run by one of our employees.

Yoga and its benefits, a special report by Miss Sun

Coccinelle, the inter-company crèche.

Our company crèche has been running for over 10 years now, peace of mind making life easier for our employees who are young parents.

Because the health and safety of our employees is a major concern, 32 studies carried out by intern ergonomists and occupational medecin has resulted in adjustements in 16 priority workstations.

There has been a company cycling club for over thirty years and it also welcomes retired staff so they can maintain their health and their social ties.

Ergonomics at Sojasun

Focus on...

Objective: Generally improving the workstation to limit the weight of loads handled by taking into account:

The amount of movement;
Carrying ingredients;
Working posture;
The logical flow of different weights.

Results: A compact production line without heavy lifting:

  • 3 times less picking up bags and carrying weights;
  • 4 times less movement;
  • 90% less bending.

In 2013, we set up a Listening Group to support our employees who are going through difficult times whether professionally or personally.

CATHERINE, an employee and member of the listening group for employees experiencing difficult times.

Members of the Listening Group


« I'm already a first aider at work and I work quite closely with my colleagues because of my position on Sojasun reception. But you can easily miss that a colleague isn't doing so well if you're busy with day to day activities.

It is to avoid this that I naturally agreed to join the listening group when it was created.

We're trained to understand our role and limitations. Then we make ourselves available for employees who reach out to us.

We're not there to give advice: listening and sharing are often enough to help people to resolve certain situations.

This listening and this support can only be established in a relationship of complete trust that depends on absolute respect for confidentiality. Even during our meetings between group members, our conversations are always totally confidential, an essential condition for the listening group to be able to do its job properly.

We've supported about ten people so far. In the future we're going to make sure that 100% of Triballat noyal staff know that we're there if they need us."

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We have established long-standing relationships with our customers who know the company and its beliefs. We answer their questions on sustainable development and discuss common issues for improvement. They are regularly invited to visit our company, to meet our team and the farmers who supply us with milk.

In 2013, we wrote a collaborative charter to formalise our values ​​and beliefs in our terms and conditions. Our approach is globally recognized by our customers and by rating sites like Notéo that regularly reward us for sustainable development.

Advisory" customer service

Focus on...

The needs and demands of consumers are changing: we're seeing more and more allergies, intolerances, new consumption patterns (vegetarianism, etc.), a need to control what we eat (requests for information on the origin of foods and food safety...).

This is why it's so important that our Nutrition and Quality experts and our customer service team work so closely together. We provide you with accurate and relevant answers through the diversity of our products and using our expertise in nutrition and health.

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In short...