Commited to local development

Triballat Noyal is a human-sized company that knows its land and its farmers.
We encourage geographic clustering of different participants in the production chain.

Respect for traditional knowledge and labels is a definite commitment for us. We support projects in areas such as health, environment and solidarity. How?

  • Through raising awareness, directly with consumers in cafeterias, staff canteens, etc.
  • By engaging in projects to support organic farming and industrial ecology...

PRIORITISING "Made in France"

At Triballat Noyal, out of 100 kg of ingredients purchased, over 90 kg are "MADE IN FRANCE".

Pierre-Yves Tanvet, Head of procurement and suppplies at Triballat Noyal

Pierre-Yves Tanvet


« Our priority is to buy local. When this is not possible regionally, we turn to the French market, and if necessary we look internationally.

For products that don't exist in France, we strive to uphold the ​Triballat Noyal values and, where possible, try to work with suppliers labelled "eco-social or fairtrade"
In addition to the price-quality relationship, our priority is to buy within the European Union, then other countries.

At Triballat Noyal, "Made in France" goes beyond the issue of purchasing and supply. We manufacture, we transform raw materials and certain ingredients in our workshops in France. We have integrated the manufacture of organic fruit preparations, for better control and quality."


Our raw materials are mostly of French origin. And we encourage this approach by focusing on the production of our dairy products and cheeses in traditional production areas.

The ability to produce while respecting traditional skills results in a taste quality specific to the area, recognized by PDO labels.

This explains the average size of our manufacturing facilities, some teams are only made up of 8 people. This guarantees that these skills are kept alive and we play our part in preserving local specialities.

And that's the whole spirit of our company: a human size, intimate knowledge of the land and the farmers, and the collective desire to sustain everybody's work.

Pascal Vieville, HEAD OF La bergerie PRODUCTION SITE

Pascal Vieville


« Triballat Noyal collected and processed organic sheep's milk in Lozere since 1998. With a steady stream of new products, the old workshop was too narrow to handle the increased volume. Is was an opportunity for "La Bergerie" to move into new premises a few miles away, in a larger building and there's more... Completely eco-designed, the site has been equipped with a view to saving energy: heat pumps, solar panels, etc.
In the constant desire for proximity, it is located close to our farmers, who now number over 24, compared with 4 in 1998. Jobs created through confidence in us. »


True to its community approach Triballat Noyal has always supported local sports clubs and national events such as athletics, basketball, running, football, marathons, hiking, handball and more. And for years it has sponsored an amateur cycling team created by Alain Heulot that has become professional and even participated in the Tour de France 3 times in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Top level sport exists because amateur clubs shape the talent of tomorrow.

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Our company, or our production sites, are sometimes too small to carry out large-scale activities in their region. Triballat Noyal joins up with other companies, schools and public authorities...

With schools

Triballat Noyal is involved in schools and colleges (INSA, CFPPA in Le Rheu ...) working with students on current topics such as the link between food and health, CSR and organic farming.

With local businesses


Triballat Noyal, several companies in the Vitré area and the local councils have founded an industrial ecology group to work together on land-related issues such as energy and waste management.

With public authorities

Organic Ambition Plan

Triballat Noyal is actively involved in Ambition Bio 2017 with four french ministries: National Education, Health, Finance and Agriculture.

Objectives: to double the number of organic producers and farmland in France and double the consumption of organic products.

Environnemental labelling

Focus on...

Initiated by the Grenelle de l’Environnement, this project was a 1 year opportunity to experience the impact of environmental labelling on consumer products and to try out the obligation of this labelling on all consumer products sold in France. Do you find it difficult to compare apples and oranges? Well, we had to figure out how to compare yoghurt and TVs!

Result: a regulatory system requiring technical advances and European scale (under discussion). However, the government wants to establish a focused system to help exemplary businesses improve their approach.

See the video here


Antonin Vergès


« Between July 2011 and July 2012, in accordance with the Grenelle 2 act, a voluntary national trial of environmental labelling was organized.

The Triballat Noyal company participated with enthusiasm. The products it used to test the quantification of the main environmental impacts (greenhouse gas emissions, emissions into the water and the air) measured over their life cycle, as well as the communication of this information to consumers, were as follows: organic cow's milk yoghurt (Vrai and Tante Hélène brands), tonyu soya drinks (Sojasun and Sojade brands) and fresh organic soya desserts (Sojade brand).

To communicate and explain the results to consumers, Triballat Noyal showed great inventiveness with distributing stores and online education.

Thanks to the initiative and the participation of companies like Triballat Noyal, the national trial has identified the main areas to work on to eventually have a standardised national environmental labelling system. »

In short...