Economically responsible

A family business and a pioneer of sustainable development since the 1970's, we choose this corporate culture from the very start. It is the basis of our participative management.
​Triballat Noyal has strong values, we listen to and respect the needs of breeders, farmers, consumers and nature.
With the ongoing goal of limiting our environmental impact, we are committed to social, economic, ecological and collective progress.

A suistainable family model

Clanchin family

Sustainability of business and jobs before short-term profitability is a one of the company's strategic choices.

The Triballat Noyal economic model stands out unquestionably through its approach to performance. Keeping capital within the business allows independent decisions about medium-term strategic choices

This independence and family values ​​are our roots and our identity. Since 2014, our Vrai brand has asserted this values on its logo : "The family owned dairy".

Our mission "Healthy food from Field to Plate"

For Triballat Noyal, "healthy food from filed to plate" is a natural consequence of our strong values ​​that represent us and that we share with our partners: respect, solidarity and involvement.

These pillars of our ethical charter ​​are part of the managers' objectives in all our company departments. They are spread throughout the company by our participative management approach and the spirit of continuous company improvement.


Building relationships means you learn faster, innovate faster and understand your partners better. We have set up numerous meetings and means of communications to explain our commitments and to better understand the people around us.

... with consumers

- customer service located in our headquarters in Noyal-sur-Vilaine, France
- transparent and open brand websites, responsible advertising, protection of personal information.

… with our clients

- A partnership charter to affirm our values.
- Regular discussions, site visits, visits to producers and a joint product development to ensure a "win-win" partnership throughout the year.

… with our co-workers

- A business magazine,
- A magazine on best practices,
- Strong management involvement with the works council to help every person to develop in the workplace,
- An intranet site,
- Exchanges within teams and between teams, set up by the participative management system, to facilitate mutual understanding and innovation in the field.

… with our milk producers

- Regular visits to their farms by our teams,
- An invitation to visit the manufacturing plant once a year,
- Discussion meetings on medium term production prospects
- Active collaboration on community projects.

… with our soja suppliers

- An annual visit to each organisation by our teams.
- Random audits of farms to ensure that practices are in accordance with our specifications.
- 4 soya quality control steps from the field and to the workshop.
- Work with research institutes for the best quality non-GMO soya.

… with regional authorities

- A commitment to many local community projects,
- An ongoing commitment to schools, french and local associations, research centres, and our neighbours.


Every year, the Triballat Noyal management defines the topics that everyone, regardless of their job, is asked to act on.

In 2015, we are focusing our efforts on issues about which we feel strongly: Food waste, energy and arduousness of work.


Since our inception, we have actively participated in important french, national and European projects connected with our business.

For example, Triballat Noyal co-workers have been key participants in:

  • writing organic farming regulations, 
  • creating quality standards for soya drinks, 
  • promoting the protection label for french cheeses (PDO),
  • supporting research and regulatory progress in the field of nutrition.
  • creating an ethical French agrofuel industry.

In short...