The pleasure of healthy food

To delight your taste buds, we are developing new products and improving existing ones for even more naturalness and taste.
For your health, we are actively involved on many levels.

Raising awareness as much as possible about the advantages of organic and plant-based proteins is a priority.
Organic is of course our favourite field. Nevertheless, we are committed to defending the PDO labels and the development of the GMO-free soya industry... We have a real passion for traditional French cheeses.

providing GOOD products

We have chosen to produce what we love and we want to do it well:

We ardently defend quality GMO-free Soya. Based on traditional knowledge: we have a real a passion for cheese (PDO, Petit Billy, Merzer, Petit Breton).


With requirements exceeding the standards set, Triballat Noyal innovates to meet new consumer expectations and makes the nutritional quality of its products one of its key objectives.

Strict industrial requirements:

Triballat Noyal has very strict requirements in order to maintain food safety. Four of our sites are certified as meeting one or more food safety standards. IFS and BRC for quality control and food safety, SIP for safety in the GMO-free sector.
These checks on certain sites allow the quality and safety procedures of the entire group to be continuously improved.

Soya, a long story

Soya is one of the best sources of plant-based protein: it contains 40% protein and is the only one to contain the 8 essential amino acids in sufficient quantity.

At Triballat Noyal, soya has been very important to us for nearly 30 years. A visionary idea at the time, it has made its mark and now almost 1 in 2 soya products sold in supermarkets is a Sojasun product!

Health professionals recommend balancing our food intake, in particular by eating as much plant-based proteins as those of animal origin, to:
- ensure that our diet has a positive effect on our health ;
- reduce the environmental footprint of our diet.

Organic farming with a capital O and a capital F

Growing fruits and vegetables or breeding animals in compliance with OF regulations requires a holistic approach from improving soil fertility to considering animal welfare.
So many things come together to provide products that are good for your health and your taste buds!

Since the 1970s, Triballat Noyal has been actively involved in Organic Farming regulations. It's no surprise then that in 2013, 43% of the products we sold were from organic farming.


Since 2012, our Research and Development teams have been creating new products and improving existing ones working with our nutrition doctor. The objectives are:

  • Lower levels of sugar or salt
  • Improving the quality of fats:

We strive to offer products with a good balance of fats, sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids including Omega 3 (soya products, "Délice de Chanvre" hemp desserts).

  • The supply of increasingly natural products:

In line with regulations, our organic products contain no artificial flavours, only natural or organic flavours.
Expertise that we are gradually rolling out to all of our products.


Gwenaële Joubrel


« In 2013, we decided to improve the Sojasun Natural drink by adding calcium to make it equivalent to a dairy product (120 mg/100 ml).

Why? Because all the studies carried out in France show that many people don't consume enough calcium. As Sojasun Natural is usually consumed as a replacement for or alternating with milk of animal origin, a source of calcium, it seems important that our products contribute to the same nutrient intake as the products they're replacing or alternating with, as well as providing the specific nutritional benefits of soya.

The calcium fortification of Sojasun nature drink gives it a nutritional advantage without adding sugar or flavours to the formulation. »


Making food diversity accessible:

Food diversity allows a balanced intake of essential nutrients as well as allowing you to vary your menu.
Triballat Noyal is backing diversity by working on a variety of animal milks (cow, goat, sheep) and exploring the plant-based alternatives (soya, rice, hemp ...) Triballat Noyal is choosing to open up access to healthy products.

Many consumers motivated by specific nutritional needs (intolerances, allergies ...) or personal beliefs (vegetarianism, veganism ...) are finding solutions in our products.

Sophie, Hugo's mum (consumer mail)


« My first time ... Well actually my son's first time ... He was a just under 2 years old...
We didn't know what to feed him ... And yes it's not always easy to have a little boy who's allergic to cow's milk protein... No yoghurt, no dairy desserts... How can you give him a sweet treat after meals?
Then I discovered you, he discovered you and he's as happy as I am... Your chocolate soya desserts (obviously his favourite), as well as vanilla and caramel flan have added to and varied his meals. It's lasted 4 years now and I can't see it stopping soon... In any case I owe you a great big thank you! »

Meet consumers in their places of consumption:

Offering organic or plant-based options in shops as well as in eating venues such as cafeterias, hospitals or workplace canteens, allows us to reach the greatest number of people.

In addition to offering products on these networks, we have lots of initiatives to educate consumers on the value of organic or plant-based protein in the diet.

In short...