Olivier Clanchin

The 2013-2014 approach to sustainable development is testament to the identity of our unique family business.

Triballat Noyal has been built on strong values:

  • Respect for tradition, nature and people
  • The quality of the raw materials and a love of good products,
  • A real social commitment to increasingly ethical and responsible production and marketing
  • A business plan with commitments that have long been regarded as "special" and are now known as "sustainable".

In 2013, the company evaluated its approach in light of the global standard for Corporate Social Responsibility: ISO 26000. AFAQ/AFNOR awarded us the confirmed level rewarding our previous choices and further motivating our desire for progress.

We already knew how committed our teams are on topics such as the development of good healthy products, respect for resources, participative management… This analysis now gives us an independent overview of our strengths and weaknesses.

This easier to read account of our approach is more in line with the ISO 26000 standard in the points covered. We especially wanted to give a voice to those who build relationships with us. In our opinion these partners are the best witnesses of what we are.

Being an involved company commits us in many ways. Internally and externally, we strive to create desire: the desire to participate collectively, the desire to progress, the desire to innovate, the desire to produce and consume better, with pleasure.

Our teams and I hope you enjoy finding out about our approach on this site or by simply downloading the report.

Olivier Clanchin